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What We Do Better

  • FHWA 13 Class data collection

  • Continuous counts

  • Operate in stop and go conditions

  • Perform with no ambient light

  • Collect in construction zones

  • Handle merging & lane changes

  • Detect dual wheels (Class 5's)

  • See wheels up/down (Class 6 vs 7)

  • Save video and images for QA/QC


  • Compact system and easy install

  • Can be remotely configured

  • One counter can interface with 2 cameras (8 Lanes of coverage)

  • Solar, Battery, or AC Power

  • Built-in Ground Truth

  • Remote zoom and masking capabilities

  • Remote scene tilt capabilities

  • NDAA Compliant and manufactured in USA

Who We Are

At LeetronVision, we are passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems for our customers. We believe that our AI camera vehicle classification systems have the power to revolutionize traffic management and improve safety on the roads. We are looking for customers who share our passion and want to be a part of this exciting journey.
If you need innovative solutions for your traffic data needs, we want to hear from you.
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